Monday, May 25, 2009

well then..

wow !
we haven't gotten on this for a century ! :o lol
well the reason for this is because i lost the email address & pswd.
i read all of twilight and they're all fucking* AMAZING !!
today i watched the movie ( for like the 20Th time )
well, i wanted to write in here because i haven't in for ever.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

new youtube video // book review

hey people who actually care to look at these blogs (lol),
well, Melissa & i made a video on our youtube account. just search immortal chicks and i think you'll be able to find it. if not, then it should be posted on this sit that you're looking at now. if you comment please don't write bad things. you can write it in a nice way by pointing out things that we can improve on.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Anybody ever read any "vampire kisses" books???
well, for people that have, we're making a contest on who looks like raven, alexander, jagger &/or jameson (the butler) . you canjust post your pics in by commenting on this blog.
the day we'll judge will be on january 3rd. 2009
oh! and whoever wins gets to pick his/her own prize and we'll get i for him/her and mail it to him/her. :D

hey! new post, first time :D

Okay, well this is our first blog so we plan to keep it simple and short. Let me start off by saying that our names are solice & melissa. we're in killian high school and are cool to hang out with. we're goof balls but when we need to be serios we can hold are goofiness. (lol)

There are some vampire books we'll be reccomending for all you vampire lovers (like us!) we've read them and theya re awesome. we'll also are posting some videos on youtube as well. it should also show on this website, if not, on youtube, search: immortalchicks